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Originally Posted by haguruma View Post
Be it war, defense or joy, taking a life is taking a life, all it depends on is the reluctance or willingness to kill in general. I think many people who kill in a war would just as well kill in general, if it weren't morally and actively judged by society.
You said that, "You don't get to be treated well if you kill someone. You don't get to be remembered for the good things you did if you kill someone.".
Why would you say is the willingness to kill for the prosperity of your country any less misguided than killing for something personal like revenge or hatred?
I'm sorry, that's wrong on so many levels.
An army's not a bunch of homicidal maniacs running rampage on foreign ground.
Their duty's not to kill as much enemies as possible, but to protect innocents and re-establish order where it has been lost, even if it means resorting to force (At least from my understanding).
Psychologically speaking they don't go away unscathed either. War veterans shooting themselves after returning from a war is not a rare occurence, Sherry's analogy might not be that off after all.

Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
"Fuck you, you killed that dude!"
"He was going to blow up an occupied orphanage, and force was the only means to stop him! By doing so I saved the lives of 80 orphans."
"Fuck you, you killed a dude. You shouldn't of done so. He would've gotten punished for his crime, but now we gotta punish you."
"Hey, I'm your friendly neighborhood terrorist and I'm going to kill all the minorities in this country, and that, and that next to that, and then I'm gonna blow up a buncha bombs in your country, have fun!"
(I know it's clichéed, I'm not even american, but bear with me.)

Also, deviating a little?

Congrats, you're a theatergoing witch.

You asshole.
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