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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
I always assumed that since they're meant to be space suits they would be equipped to fly. The recoil reduction can be explained by their shield/energy field absorbing the impact. All in all Infinite Stratos runs on magic science like To aru Majutsu no Index.
Index was all about Shrodinger's theory, but how it works in reality (espers replace the current reality with their own- so they choose whether the cat is dead or alive).

So I can see how that works...but when I try to think about IS in terms of physics it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!! If it can control gravity, then why do its weapons still have weight to them? The impact should be only as heavy as the object is, and mass wise that's not a lot.

And how can it convert from mass to energy and back when it uses an equalizer then puts it away? IT SHOULD CREATE AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION EVERYTIME IT DOES!!!!


I'm thinking of just accepting it right now and ignoring all the faults....
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