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If the Loli Rin stuff was removed, then where does the 10 minutes that make up that episode come from? Do we just move everything ten minutes up? Take the first ten minutes of episode 11 and essentially cut that entire sequence in half, ruining the effect of the IH?
There's literally hundreds of different ways they could go about making use of those extra 10 minutes throughout the remainder of the series. The start/end points of each episode aren't set in stone and acting like the moments they choose for each episode from that point on are the only feasible ones… well, it shows a lack of imagination, to say the least. Now obviously moving everything exactly ten minutes up with no care whatsoever for how much content ends up in each episode would be foolish, but even with a little readjusting the natural conclusion would still be to reach this point in the story (Saber vs Berserker) with more ground already covered, thus requiring less abridging of one of the freaking climatic battles. And even if the change's effect might've been gone by now, those 10 minutes still would have received a better use than Rin's lolita thighs either way (say, animating Gilgamesh's flashback, for example).

And hey, if you'd like, I can come up with the exact same solution ufotable came up with for this episode, only for episode 10: Shorten episode 9's events a little and fit a very abridged version of "Rin's Adventure" into a few of its minutes. If it's okay for Arthur vs Lancelot to received that treatment, then why not loli Rin? And with that, there would be no padding and your precious Grail Dialogue could still take place in one episode.

Not that that's actually important either, since the notion that a story event is automatically ruined simply because it is not concluded in the same episode where it began is highly questionable. How about Saber vs Berserker then? That sequence was cut in half in the previous episode, but I'm pretty sure no one would have minded it being concluded in this episode if it had been done properly. There's dozens of other examples of stuff like that in every single series, not just Fate/Zero. Ever heard of cliffhangers? It's honestly baffling to me that I'm even discussing something like this. The start/end points of each episode should get priority over the wholeness of the work? C'mon now.

Think about what kind of change that will make. What would necessarily happen if everything was moved ten minutes forward?
I am thinking. And I'm seeing hundreds of different possibilities. Clearly you're not, though, if all you can see is this invariably negative turnout that can never hope to match the infallible ufotable's impeccable planning. Give me a break. Do you actually believe the cutoff points they chose for each of the weekly 22 minutes were the one and only possible choices and any foreseeable alternative would have undeniably resulted in an inferior product? You're essentially putting them on the same level as gods: "If ufotable decided that the loli Rin episode had to take up an entire episode, otherwise the whole thing would fall apart, then it must be true. There can't have been any other possibilities. This batch of 4 novels was forever destined to be adapted into 25 episodes, with one of them being entirely dedicated to expanding what is arguably the most irrelevant chapter in the story." I don't mean to put words in your mouth here, but that's honestly what you're sounding like to me.

As for this "cohesive theme" each episode has to have, tell me then, what was the cohesive theme for, say, episode 9? The first half was basically entirely dedicated to a love triangle falling apart, whereas the second half had a complete mood whiplash into Waver and Rider's bromance and their rampaging through the wicked Caster's lair. Which is but one of many examples that there's nothing wrong with episodes having scenes that are different in tone, and that in the end what matters most is that all of the important material makes it in and the story truly feels like a whole. How that whole is divided into weekly bits of 22 minutes is a secondary priority.

...At least, that's how I feel. However, I can accept that you, in turn, feel the individual content and cutoff points of each episode are something of the utmost importance. Just… don't try and force that feeling onto those of us who would rather have the complete story (or something resembling it), even if it's not so neatly separated into these so-called standalone episodes of yours. And that's a big if, because the two are hardly mutually exclusive.
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