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Originally Posted by blackwhite67 View Post
Oh MY GOD! JPS is a woman!!!

No Sayanomiya Kaoru doesn't wear glasses and why would she be on a plane? That is John Pluto Smith. Clearly he is returning to America after the events of vol 7. Obviously she is developing feelings for Godou so that's another one for his harem.
oh really?

i dont know if it is JPS...
it looks like it has her listed as something else...
And then there is this also:

Where amakasu is scared to heck.

i havent read vol.7
ive only read the spoilers on jcafe tho.
So im not sure if that is JPS or not.
But id figure JPS wouldnt look japanese, cuz it was said in vol.1 and vol.2 Godou is the first and only japanese campione.
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