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Originally Posted by leukrota View Post
About the deadline problem, you would think that, but... J.C. Staff almost always has a shift in quality around episode 10, yet they don't seem to take measures against that.

More than a time problem, I think it's a budget problem. Better quality has more impact at the beginning and at the end of the series, they probably judge that it can drop a bit at the middle without losing much rating, so they distribute the time used and number of animators working per episode to fit that pattern.
That seem to be the common belief among Anime watchers, but that doesn't explain why this happens to every other show no matter which studio they're being produced by. You think Sunrise doesn't have the budget for Code Geass and Gundam(s)? Shaft (after their money making success with Madoka) doesn't have the budget for denpa onna?

Bah... In the end, I can't say I'm confident in my knowledge of the workings of Anime studio, so I'll just put a stop to this conversation
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