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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
On another note...I still want to see Robin vs Hyouzou...but oh well.
I was really hoping that this was gonna happen. When I saw him heading towards Robin I went "IS ROBIN ACTUALLY GONNA GET A 1 ON 1 FIGHT!?" but of course, Zoro shows up.

I've been wanting a big 1v1 fight with Robin forever. Not just short lived ones like her and Yama, or Pell.

Chopper vs Daruma (quite obvious)

Franky vs Dosun (quite obvious too)

Robin & Brook vs Ikaros (you are trolled, giant squid, no water for you to suck)

Nami & Usopp vs Zeo (mirage tempo + various types of plants = the carpet has nowhere to run)
Theres still Hammond left. And maybe even Caribou will pop out of nowhere and fuck shit up. Every mermaid/fishman is gathered around in one area, easy targets for him....

I just want everyone to get a 1 on 1 fight really to show off in more detail their new strengths.
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