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^I'm kind of unsure about Hammond at this point, to be honest. While I do think he has a badass design and all, he kinda just seems to be plain fodder at this point (unlike Hody, who is more or less glorified fodder ). Maybe if he overdosed on some ES I can see him getting some action, but considering we haven't really seen him outside of crowd scenes since his last encounter with Luffy, I don't think Oda intends to put much focus on him anymore, sadly......

As far as Robin or Brooke goes, I too am now considering the possibility of either one or both of them taking on Ikaros. As was already pointed out, his water-draining spears shouldn't work on the soul king, and the amount of limbs Robin can sprout obviously far outnumber the squid-man. Personally, I'm also now kinda hoping that Nami will take on Caribou when he eventually reappears, because it would be really badass to see one of the "weak trio" finally take down a Logia by themselves.

Also, am really glad that we finally dropped the "Jinbei should join" debate for the time being (of course it'll inevitably rear its ugly head again as long as the storyline is still running, but I'm just gonna enjoy the calm for now ).
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