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Also has the question as to when Minori started having a crush on Ryuuji been settled somewhere?

My take is that she had since their freshmen year, but she tried to get rid of it when Ryuuji and Taiga became friends and rumors were flying around. It was rekindled in the summer outing and started bothering her again. That bothersome feeling became guilt when Ami made it known to Minori that she knows and, with what was learned after the fight, that there's a possibility that this crush could develop into something. Her answer to this guilt was to run away partly for Taiga's sake and partly because if the crush would develop she wouldn't know how to bear the guilt. What she witnessed in this episode convinced her that she was right, yet to finally kill these feelings for Ryuuji, now that she also had a clue on what he feels, was so hard that she hadn't really done it yet.
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