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Okay after rewatching a few segments from different episodes (I clearly have too much time on my hands ), I will concede to the fact that she did like him to some degree.

But I emphasize on DID. At least not completely in the past tense.

Also has the question as to when Minori started having a crush on Ryuuji been settled somewhere?

My take is that she had since their freshmen year, but she tried to get rid of it when Ryuuji and Taiga became friends and rumors were flying around. It was rekindled in the summer outing and started bothering her again. That bothersome feeling became guilt when Ami made it known to Minori that she knows and, with what was learned after the fight, that there's a possibility that this crush could develop into something. Her answer to this guilt was to run away partly for Taiga's sake and partly because if the crush would develop she wouldn't know how to bear the guilt. What she witnessed in this episode convinced her that she was right, yet to finally kill these feelings for Ryuuji, now that she also had a clue on what he feels, was so hard that she hadn't really done it yet.
Pretty much the same as my conclusion. Salamat ha!

Even if she did, or does, like him, for me it doesn't go too much farther than upper limits of a platonic one. As this guy/girl said, it's most likely just a crush.

It's not as if she had already invested a large degree of time, emotion, feeling and the like towards Ryuuji. Taiga has done so much more of this, in a rather... unconventional way, and also probably subconsciously.

What I probably didn't clear up in my previous post was my assertion that Minori did not have as much an emotional involvement in a potential relationship as Taiga has, thus I don't believe she's doing a much greater and/or much more painful sacrifice than Taiga is attempting. It's still a sacrifice nonetheless, but not to the degree that Taiga is trying to cope with.

In this triangle Taiga still has much much more at stake, and thus much more to lose. Minori has yet to reach such a relationship level with Ryuuji that Taiga has, who has pretty much unknowingly committed a great deal of her life towards Ryuuji and vice versa.

My original purpose was to justify the belief that Taiga is in a worse situation than Minori ever was, and that to state that Minori is hurting more than Taiga is is a ludicrous idea. No other character has vested so much of themselves to him than she has, despite the fact that she might pretty well deny it, and the fact that she has pretty much done in unconsciously. Falling apart on that street like that is proof enough.
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