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Originally Posted by madmac View Post
Hayate is oblivious to Nagi's affections, but he only grows more and more attached and devoted to her as time goes on.
Can you somehow substantiate that? Where do you get this "more and more attached" from? There is exactly ONE scene I could imagine that could qualify as that, and that's Hayate's "see the future" scene after Nagi destroyed the stone. But that's because he was at a crossroads, and even then he needed Athena to remind him that he had an obligation.

Nagi's feelings have grown and matured as well. As a pair, they easily have the most developed relationship in the series.
And I honestly disagree here. Hayate has always seen Nagi the same way: I've got to protect Milady. This sums up his relationship with her. It has never changed.

If you claim it "developed", then it must have changed meaningfully over time. Please try to summarize what development that would have been.

Likewise, there has been NO development in Nagi's feelings towards Hayate. She still thinks that Hayate is in love with her, this fundamental perspective NEVER changes.

Hina, by comparison, is still stuck in "Must be nice to Hina, or she'll kill me" where she's been for over a hundred chapters now. For all her inner turmoil, he's still convinced she pretty much hates him.
Oh please. The "must not make her mad yet again" thought is only one of many facets of their relationship. If you tried to exhaustively summarize Hina's perspective on Hayate, it would fill endless pages. If you tried to exhaustively summarize Hayate's perspective on Hina, it would also take alot of time (albeit much less than Hina's side).

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
Hina hasn't had any romantic developments.
You can't possibly be serious ^_^

For your sake, I presume that you want to say that Hayate doesn't consider Hina romantically. And that's obviously wrong - think about his reaction to Maria's "It's totally impossible that someone so super-cute and all-around great like Hina would fall for Hayate" smackdown. Or the time when he freaks out in the bath on the thought that Hina's washing herself in there, too. Their extreme blushing whenever they touch (multiple occasions), and when they were pretty close to kissing on the cliff.

The only thing missing is Hayate's clear realization that Hina is in love with him. Should this ever change, I'm convinced that HnG is entering the end run. Which means it's not going to be anytime soon.

But Ayumu defintely had a few, as Hayate is actually aware that she likes him.
Ayumu (bless her golden heart) is probably out of the contention because she is _fine_ with the way things are right now. In a way, she's rather become a "big sister" kind of character that is helping other characters with their endeavors, glueing them together.

Sorry, I think your definition of "romantic developments" is way way too narrow, IMHO.

as much as Mentar like to differ, Hina, Ayumu and Maria's role in this Cheerleader and Adviser.
Proof by claim?

Maria - most likely. Ayumu has found her role, and it's a different one. But yes, I'm definitely not counting Hina out yet.
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