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The only happy ending possible for Hinagiku right now (romantically at least) seems to be couched in Hayate anyways, she's shown nil romantic attraction towards her own gender, and there isn't anyone else in the story strong enough to fill the position unless Hata decides to throw in another character just for her.
Hina's hardly the only one in that position, though. Ayumu has already shown that she can deal, but there's only enough Hayate to go around. Out of the girl he's promised his life to, (Nagi) the girl he's loved since childhood, (Athena) and the popular girl who gets the odd date mini-arc, I just can't see Hina coming out on top in a way that'll make any sense. She's just too far out of her depth at this point and the story isn't even about her in any major way.

My best guess is that either she does eventually get an alternate love interest, or else Ayumu and Yukiji will end up comforting her.
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