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Actually, she is, given that we're talking about future storyline, and thus if established characters haven't interacted yet being ignored, Hina is the only one who doesn't have someone with a possibility pairing, unless you want to include Isumi, who hasn't really shown passion for pursuing Hayate, despite her crush (saying she'd give it up because Nagi wants to chase him pretty much takes her out as well).

Risa has the person she kissed, who might not have been introduced, but beyond that, there are personality matches within the existing characters.
Nagi herself has two other possibilities, Miki has more implied interactions and same with Izumi.
Eh, Wataru is too spoiled for choices to pick Nagi (Why would you put him with her and not Isumi?) and Kazaki hasn't even shown up for about 130 chapters. (Briefly. The last time he showed up for more then 2 pages was about 200+ chapters ago.) Plus Nagi has zero interest in either of them. You might as well include Azumamiya for Hina by that logic.

Maria and Athena have no obvious matches, Wataru himself is going to be breaking at least 2 girls hearts, and Ayumu has no one unless you're still matching her with Miki for some reason.

Bottom line is that there isn't enough male characters in this series to keep a whole bunch of girls from ending up unmatched. Which I'm ok with, actually. I like sensible pairings of secondary characters, but making sure everyone has a love interest by the end of a story just because annoys me.
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