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Originally Posted by madmac View Post
Eh, Wataru is too spoiled for choices to pick Nagi (Why would you put him with her and not Isumi?) and Kazaki hasn't even shown up for about 130 chapters. (Briefly. The last time he showed up for more then 2 pages was about 200+ chapters ago.) Plus Nagi has zero interest in either of them. You might as well include Azumamiya for Hina by that logic.

Maria and Athena have no obvious matches, Wataru himself is going to be breaking at least 2 girls hearts, and Ayumu has no one unless you're still matching her with Miki for some reason.

Bottom line is that there isn't enough male characters in this series to keep a whole bunch of girls from ending up unmatched. Which I'm ok with, actually. I like sensible pairings of secondary characters, but making sure everyone has a love interest by the end of a story just because annoys me.
I'm of the belief that Maria and Athena's unrevealed pasts give them partners who are characters that have been revealed (although one of them is dead.. we think). Azumamiya doesn't pair with Hina because their personalities make for a horrible match, added to the fact that there's a substantially better match within her own group of friends for him.

Both Ayumu and Miki don't need a male character for them. Miki doesn't seem interested in them, and Ayumu has shown that she doesn't care about a person's sexual orientation before deciding if she likes them.

Mentioning Wataru's leaving broken hearts reminds me that Saki doesn't have anyone, but as she's not part of Hayate's harem I wasn't considering her, Aika either.
Nagi has shown some interest in both Wataru and Kazuki, but denies it to herself because she thinks she's Hayate's soulmate at the points when they interact. How she would react to them now might have a different outlook since the Golden Week arc and her maturity gained. I would say that there's quite a bit of possibility for something to happen given that Nagi is in a similar position to Wataru now.

Pair the Spares and HnG's love of playing with tropes and similar says that Hata's probably going to give everyone a match.
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