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Originally Posted by madmac View Post
Hina's hardly the only one in that position, though. Ayumu has already shown that she can deal, but there's only enough Hayate to go around. Out of the girl he's promised his life to, (Nagi) the girl he's loved since childhood, (Athena) and the popular girl who gets the odd date mini-arc, I just can't see Hina coming out on top in a way that'll make any sense. She's just too far out of her depth at this point and the story isn't even about her in any major way.
Out of her depth? Er, what? If anything, Hina is by far the most logical match for Hayate. Or, to be more precise, Hina _is_ the female Hayate. She's the one who continuously gets Hayate and others out of their messes, like Hayate is the one who's continuously getting Nagi out of her fixes. Hata left it to Hina to get Hayate and Athena together in the EotW arc. Both have been dealing with each other increasingly well in the recent past. And save Nagi, Hina is Hayate's most important personal relationship, noone else only comes close in terms of pages invested. Every single temporary Hina-Hayate teamup in the past resulted in success.

Hina is the "eye-level" match. Nagi isn't on the playing field yet, and what binds them is a promise of care and protection, not love.

My best guess is that either she does eventually get an alternate love interest, or else Ayumu and Yukiji will end up comforting her.
"Comforting her" wouldn't satisfy me, I'd resent such an ending. She's done MORE than enough to deserve to find happiness. And if you plan to introduce alternate love interests, it would be much easier and much more logical to add those to Nagi's side (who already showed that she was susceptible to that in the past, e.g. with Ayumu's brother). People who fit her better.

That's the thing. Except for the "I must care for and protect Milady", Hayate and Nagi have no bond, they have nothing in common. They're of different ages. They have different interests. They enjoy different things. They may be fine in a milady-butler relationship, in which Hayate usually takes the place of a worried parent trying to tear a spoiled kid out of her hikikomori-dom, but the leap to "this is the girl I love and want to spend my life with" in a romantic context seems very, very far to me.
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