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Playing Vanguard on Insanity is quite a challenge, because Vanguard has no native shield-removing powers. But the Shepard bonus power means you can pick up Tali's Energy Drain, which makes short work of shields. You'll use SMGs a lot more on Insanity than any other difficulty.

Once you complete the Collector Ship, it gets a lot easier because you can pick up AR training and use the Vindicator AR, which rips through most defenses easily when paired with maxed-out fire ammo.

I have to be a lot more careful with Charge on that difficulty setting until it's upgraded and I have more squad biotic upgrades to lower cooldowns. Once you get Heavy Charge though, the bullet-time effect with reduced cooldowns make things loads easier and you can pretty much use Energy Drain + Charge to keep your shields up at all time and never be in one place for longer than a few seconds.

Having Zaeed as a squadmate on missions heavy with shield-using enemies is also useful for his Squad Disruptor Ammo.

Edit: Praetorians are really annoying on Insanity. So are Scions, ugh.
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