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Obito won't be able to beat a Kakashi won't doesn't have enough chakra to use MS anymore. (although it would be unlike Kishi if he didn't go "Kakashi said it was has last Kamui a while ago, but that was not true, in fact he can still 357 Kamui trollolol")

His one trick allowed him to resist Minato (but still lose) but take that from him and he sucks totally.

After all, we are talking of the guy who thinks the true power of Kamui is not the ability to one-shot people by teleporting parts of their body to the other dimension, but the ability to copy Tenten's chuunin exam attack by making weapons pop up from the other dimension ... This should say enough about his combat senses ...

And this is seriously annoying], we are going to have ANOOOOOOOOOOTHER flashback about Rin when it's apparent now no ones gives a shit about that ...
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