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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
I wonder what can Naruto's friends do when they arrived?? their power is most likely useless in front of Madara... maybe they'll just arrive to congratulate Naruto's victory
They won't do a shit.
They were just here for the contrast
There was a chapter called the power of darkness (Sasuke all alone in the dark) followed or preceded by the power of radiance (everyone coming to Naruto)

They should not be taken in consideration. That was just irrelevant kiddy imagery and this doesn't have incidence on the plot.
For exemple, Sasuke found almost right away allies, his brother still loved him, Orochimaru respects him now, wised up and the sky cleared up or him... This is saying how relevant those chapters were. But if they were, to keep the contrast between Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi would be the Mist spy who was supposed to capture Rin and he'd betray Naruto provoking a battle royale with the Rookies ...
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