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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
The importance of the golden truth is more who it's being presented to than who is creating it.
I called it "faith" to imply that the person "creating" it isn't the lier, but the believer.

Originally Posted by Renall View Post
And I think it's clearly implied by the Chick/Elder Beatrice dialogue that they both know that Erika's explanation of the trick is correct, but because they are the only two people who saw it happen, they are free to agree that it was magic and nobody can say otherwise (they can explain a trick that works very much like it, but they can't prove that trick was actually employed because they didn't see it done).
I think you're right. I think that although chick Beato knows that it was a simple trick, she still chooses to believe it's magic. When I coin it as "faith", I am encompassing this concept as well.
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