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Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
Fair enough. But I still can't see a better term for it.
I thought a long lot about this and was turning it around in my head. I have a problem with the term "faith" as well, because it implies exactly that the one presenting this truth must have faith in it's validity on the same level as the red truth. I think this is the fundamental point where the to "truths" branch off from another.

I would call the red truth "the truth of the world" and the golden truth "the truth of the heart". The truth in the world of Umineko is that everybody except Eva died between the 4th and 6th October 1986 and even the one who survived is so crippled that he regards "the survivor" in himself as nothing more than a ghost. Yet Ange sets her heart on her family living on, it is not something that can be proven in any way, it can only be felt.

I would consider it, setting your heart on something so decisively, that no evidence, no proof, no testimony can convince you of something else.
Rosa went to get the key, thus the chapel must be locked.
This corpse has 6 toes therefore it is Kinzo's.

EDIT: Btw because I can just check the anime right now. Did Rosa try the door in the VN before going to get the key? Or was she just told that it would be locked and ran to the guesthouse?
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