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Manga in different languages ?

To summarize, as a French canadian, I have a decent access to mangas translated in English and French (I much prefer owning them)

I think here that most people are familiar with english translated mangas, so here are my two cents on the French ones (which, as a side note, can cost a bundle to have, since they are imported from France : English ones range from 10-12 canadian dollars, French ones 12-13)

1)It seems that French editors are way, way, way more open with discutable concepts than Americans ones, since we have stuff that would get Fox News enraged : To Love Ru Darkness, the Arms Peddler, uncensored Naru-Taru, Freezing, Lost Paradise (Shitsurakuen)... (Inexplicably, should I say, the titles are usually in English....My latest purchase, Cage of Eden, is thus labelled ''Cage of Eden'' instead of ''Cage d'Eden''. A pleasing except is ''Attack on Titan'', who was thankfully labelled in French ''L'Attaque des Titans'' (AKA,roughy, ''The Titan Assault'', which seems much more accurate for me). Less fortunately, we also have a s... load of hardcore yaoi.

2)For an inexplicable reason, however, some series are not picked up and/or stop. For instance, Spice and Wolf manga is stalled, and one editor picked up ''Magical Index'' but not ''Scientific Railgun''

3)The translations themselves are often, sadly, subpar compared to scanlations and or English: I'm aware of the difficulty of translating Japanese, but the terms chosen for staple such as ''one-sama'' are cringe inducing at times. Eiren speechs looks ridiculous in French, but he sounds at least far less pompous in English.

So, if people could share about german, italian or russian translated mangas....

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