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This just popped up on Sankaku Complex:

Spoiler for Tomoyo After END spoilers, MAJOR:

Clannad's Storyline Explained

It'll help fans of the ending to explain their stance better, it probably won't change the minds of non-fans in any case, but either way, I think this should be put into the OP.

EDIT: As monir advised, I have uploaded the image to my own Photobucket account. I'll keep the spoiler tag for the time being while I try to figure out how to post it in thumbnail....or perhaps a mod can assist me on this?

EDIT 2: Ok....this is as best as I do. Sorry, alcohol in the system really kills my thinking process. Can some mod out there finish the job for me?

EDIT 3: Bah, Proto pointed out the Tomoyo After spoiler, so I put it back in spoiler tag....please, someone, anyone, finish the job for me. -_-

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