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I thought this episode would divide the fanbase more than ever and am very surprised that a crushing majority seems to have loved it going by the votes. I expected to see a lot more outrage in this thread, and while there is some, it appears to come from pretty much the same vocal minority as usual. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against criticism, and I encourage everybody to voice theirs. Reactions from both sides have been equally entertaining to read for me. And the thread would have beena bit boring if it had simply turned into a circlejerk.

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It was made blantantly obvious that Araragi and his sisters were on so-so terms at the start of Nise. Regardless, this episode made no effort to progress the plot or develop characterisation (one of either is required imo to make an episode good) and this episode did neither. It consisted a whole episode dedicated to incestual overtones and a toothbrush fetish.
That's not exactly right. As you said, Araragi wasn't on very good terms with his sisters at the beginning of the series, and this episode brought him closer than ever to one of his sister. That's progress in my book. The way it happened was... very unusual and weird, but it was progress nonetheless. They're reached a harmony few siblings ever will... for better or worse

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Personally I was hoping for a 90% 10/10 rate. Episode of the year!!!

Blu-ray: Foam added.
~80% 10/10 is already amazingly good. I can't recall having seen that too often.
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