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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
How nice that you conveniently cut out the next part of the post.
If everything is subjected to criticism, then even criticism must be open to criticism. Who in his right mind would cut the much anticipated toothbrush scene? It was clearly not an option from the start. Just look at all the 10 this episode received, and think that in Japan is likely to be the same. Shaft knew what it was doing.

If the criticism just comes down to "Oh no, this episode is about sexual themes, if I like it they might mistake me for an otaku" then I can just shake my head in disbelief at what anime fans have become now.
Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
Problem with anime comedy in general is that it's largely of the otaku pandering type.
Otaku pandering doesn't mean anything special. In Japan if you watch anime you are an otaku. Otaku pandering is something like "sighted people pandering". "Adult pandering type" describes it better, in that your body need to have reached puberty for you to understand.

Then again you miss a lot of referential humor, like in Gintama or Excel Saga.
I have seen several stand-up comedies and western TV shows and sitcoms where I have laughed out loud. And you know what anime comedy lacks - satire, deadpan, black humour.
Most of anime is mainstream. Even Japan has other kinds of humor, it's just that it's niche.

Then again Monogatari has plenty of satire of anime culture and its own medium. Or did you mean satire of society? For example the manga National Quiz was satire of society, it's just that it's satire of Japanese society.
It's slapstick, gags or "sex comedy". It gets really old, and frankly I think it's immature.
The toothbrush scene is literally sex comedy, but in the other cases it's simply fanservice. That's the difference. There was nothing like the toothbrush scene. Or it there was, it was extremely rare

And high level humor tends to be extreme. In Japan for example there is ero-guro-nonsense. Western high level humor may involve coprophilia. Uhmm... have you ever seen for example Monthy Python's Meaning of Life?
Seeing someone stepping on your head with your foot whilst offering their virginity be it in a serious or comedic context appears very sexist to me.
It is not. It is comedy.

Then again, I once read a review of Sin City according to which it was sexist the scene of the girl who offered herself to the man who saved her. In a sense, even Senjougahara can be considered victim of a sexist conception Someone helps you? Just thank him.
It was made blantantly obvious that Araragi and his sisters were on so-so terms at the start of Nise. Regardless, this episode made no effort to progress the plot or develop characterisation
Not even the date episode progressed the plot. It could have been written off screen. It could have just be mentioned in passing. And the story was supposed to be about another character. I heard nobody complaining

And if you think about, nobody complained at the start of Mayoi Snail there was Hitagi, even though the story was supposed to be about Hachikuji and not her
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