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Since everyone's throwing theories about the Mera Mera around, mine's going to be, "Whoever eats the fruit is going to be the next Straw Hat." Here's hoping it's a girl. Though to be completely honest, I'm more interested in the personality the next Straw Hat is going to have. For a long-lasting character, I'm really excited to see what type of person Oda plans to mix into that wonderful mix/mess of pirates.

As awesome as Law is, you can kind of tell he'd never be a permanent member of the crew (if he wasn't a shichibukai/supernova/captain, etc.). Same with Hancock, much as I wanted her to be. It's kind of one of those things that are hard to describe, but their personalities are "too tame" to cruise with the crew for a prolonged period of time, hahaha.
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