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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
He tried to step down. He asked Eleanor if the decision to make him platoon leader was justified. She replied that his actions in Bruhl more than qualifies him for the role.

Moreover, a good inspirational leader is one that people could trust. While he might not appear to be your typical soldier, he has yet to fail his mates. If you say a leader is one that fills confidence, then he is certainly doing that part. So far, he has not led his platoon astray, and clearly his platoon has confidence in him and his ability to win battles.

... why is Valkyria suddenly giving me LoGH vibes?

- Tak
As far as I can judge him as a retired sergeant he is a good officer and leader. He cares about his troops and he does push his soldiers into something he would not do too. He worths life more than anything else.

And also what makes him a good comrade - no matter what rank - is he does not pull the "I am the officer and you have to follow my orders" attitude what most officer almost put into normal military duty. they have the right command you but rights of command always bears responsibility for their troops morale.
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