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While Welkin isn't the most conventional of characters or soldiers, I'm not sure why anyone would have much against him. He may be a little goofy now and then, but he's actually quite capable, and he's already accomplished as much as most mecha protagonists do, and he did so without all the accompanying angst that's so prevalent. Heck, he's been even getting better with his tactics as they've getting less and less gimmicky.

I not drawn to any of the charcters in Valkyria Chronicle in particular, but Welkin is my favorite of the bunch so far. And that's even though his tank doesn't make any sense .

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Welkin's a biology grad right? He's a bio university grad who took a few courses in combat and so he gets to be military leader. I love how the world works. Actually this is exactly what North America was like pre 1950's i believe.
The proper comparison is with inter-war Germany. Welkin would have recieved the same kind of military training that all young Gallians receive, and his post-secondary education and pedigree are what got him his commission. Given Welkin's personality and interests, it's almost certain that he would have gone on to pursue a graduate degree and stayed in academe.

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Having a undergrad degree meant you could be hired for pretty much anything. Now having an undergrad degree like biology just means you wont get employed anywhere unless you know someone. That or you can work some minimum wage job if they even hire you.
Even if it weren't for the above, Welkin does have connections. His father was a very well-respected General, and Gallia is a very militaristic culture.
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