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You know, if the story would develop just a trace differently, I'd have no problem at all with that. But even if/since it doesn't happen, the development of the friendship between Hina and Ayumu is and remains one of the big highlights of the show for me. In several aspects, it's much more pleasing and satisfying than the romance aspects with Hayate. It will bring out Ayumu's kind and generous character beautifully.
Yes, that's true.
Hina and Ayumu's interactions together are probably my favorite moments too.

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as in that the "losing" competitors accept and actively support the final pairing. Without that, I agree - it would turn into a disaster
...It would be ideal if that happens, but from personal experience and looking around (even in animesuki), no way it will end peacefully... And the more readers the manga has, the less chance it has...

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Hm? What did you mean by that?
What is officially done. To put it a lot more simply, the clear favoring of Hinagiku in everything (officially). You know, it's kind of like how something is "so popular", haters appear. 110% sure that some people have ended up hating Hinagiku because of this... So we have these people that are already hating Hinagiku for the way she is treated (in real life). It wouldn't be pretty if Hinagiku wins... It already wouldn't be pretty if the fans of other characters got angry over their character's loss, but if you add in hatred for the winning character herself...
I personally don't know much about it, but that Hina birthday thing... is one example.
Another very obvious one is this season's ED. To the ever-so-loyal Hinagiku followers, it might not be anything other than a treat, but to the fans of other characters, it probably irritates them. Heck, I like Hinagiku myself, and the first time I saw that ED, I was completely horrified... Looking at it causes pure irritation even now...

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