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For what? Favoritism? If so, only of the mangaka. It was interesting to note that after the first popularity poll, which Hina won with huge margin (almost as many votes for her as for places 2-4 combined), Hata noted that he never expected such an outcome. It was conducted right after the Hina birthday arc, so it might have skewed things for her a bit. But the most recent popularity poll even widened Hina's margin of victory...

I'd say one of the reason why Hina is getting a bit more storyline usage than e.g. Ayumu (though not as much as you seem to imply) is that she's arguably the most flexibly usable character in the show. She can be used for action and comedy and character development alike. Ayumu is very straightforward and barely ever wavers - which makes her a pleasing and very likable character, but at the same time also limits her scope a bit, at least in her dealings with Hayate. Which is why her relationship with Hina is much more interesting (IMHO)
Hmm?... I think we might be thinking about different things?
I think you are associating what I said with the manga...
I am talking about... this:
Ah~, here is a comment that seems to be reacting according to what I was trying to say... maybe:

Ah~, reading the description a bit, I remember what stuck in my memory.
The "ヒナ祭り祭り" thing, not her birthday... The reason I had "her birthday" in my memories is something else...

Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
Also do you know how many there are Hina fans and other girl fans? If Hayate chooses someone else but Hina it may end up not pretty, simply because Hina is MUCH more popular than any other girl in HnG. So what if some people started to hate her as you say? No one cares as they are a very small minority compared to the amount that loves her...
Haha~, I don't know and I'm sure you don't have an exact answer either, but I can tell there is a lot.
Like I'm trying to say(?), the point isn't the fact the people start hating Hinagiku (honestly, she's 2D...), but what those people will do. Of course, I'm talking about the extremes, so there isn't a high chance of it happening, but from time to time, I am sure we all have seen what some people will end up doing over developments to stuff (manga/games) that they don't like...
Of course, for that reason, if Hinagiku wins, there will be a lot more people celebrating, as you say... Though the thought that who Hayate ends with is determined/changed according to popularity doesn't leave me feeling good... Then again, I find it sad that if Hinagiku does win, I probably could only see that as because she is popular...
(EDIT: Coming back, what you are saying really feels like... I don't know, what I was talking about... the "Hinagiku is the most popular, so *insert event*. The rest? Who cares!"-type...)

.....................Wonder if I'm still half-asleep... Getting a bit confused over what I am writting...
Let's see, something to finish this up...
Well, as Mentar says, we'll see... The main thing for me is to see the manga actually get to that point instead of dragging it out for more and more volumes (in other words, I personally would like to see the manga end soon)... No point in worrying about something I can't control or hasn't even happened!
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He knows he sits on the gold mine and tries to milk it, pushing all other silver mines to the side, specially because he never expected it to be such rich goldmine to begin with.
Desuyone~ <--agreeing at the obvious
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