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Hi everyone. I've only gotten myself involved into the Nanoha series a month, first watching all the 3 great series (DVD Rips, the best quality, LOL), then checking the side-material manga for each of them, then I went after the Sound Stages, as I wanted a lot to get my hands on StrikerS X.
Due to that, I'm so thankful of your work with the translations of SSX as I'm right now in the middle of Disc2 (I must say I was expecting a little more of action as well as some appearance from any of the 3 girls (N.F.H., lol)).

But the real meaning of this post is that, even knowing this is may not be the real place to post this request, I decided to take a chance because of the people here making translations...
I have the Nanoha Nano A's & StrikerS (and I must say I LOVE THEM!!! AHAHAHA!!!), but I also wanted the SSX Nano (the raws from the official site are not enough to me T-T), and I thought that, if it had already been scanlated, maybe any of you who wander around here regularly might knew something about it.
So please, if anyone knows if it had been scanlated, say something about it, OK?

Thanks for your time and keep it up, you're going good...
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