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Interesting theories... Electromagnets and stuff.

I still think all these is unneeded. Battler's goal is to deny witches. To deny the possibility of killings being done by witches. Therefore, as long as he proves that a human could possibly conduct the murders, the methods are most probably something like extra details. (Of course we wont be satisfied if the details arent released) Even still, its a devil's proof.

I was thinking...In Ep2, Beato revealed her physical form to Kyrie and to Rosa. This i believe was to gain trust of the humans that she actually manifested. In order words, to create some sort of mysterious element, which the adults would be darn interested in. Therefore, if the adults were given a letter remember my Epx3? that does something like, "If you wish to know who I am, visit the chapel."

They are easily lured there ^^. The only difficult thing would be the key thingy...
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