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agreed...especially about tsunade not having to die. it just looks like while she could theoretically heal herself first, she didn't want to risk any of the kages dying in the meantime, so she is gonna heal them first. then again, naruto went ape shit on pain when he thought kakashi was dead, so only 4 kages showing up to the battlefield will turn him up yeah i guess tsunade could die here
Well maybe we are not really right about Tsunade being able to survive this, actually when i think of it that would be a plot hole
First they had to fight Madara and he made sure they'll all die. It's logical for Madara to deal differently with Tsunade: during the battle he learned that she can heal even a mortal wound. So Madara then hit 4 kages with normal mortal wounds but he had to damage Tsunade much more seriously to make sure she can't regenerate. But he didn't expect her to be able to summon a slug that would help her survive. However we know from her fight against orochi and kabuto that her genesis rebirth jutsu consumes all the chakra on her forehead. Which means that he has a choice: regenerate her own body and let the other 4 kages die or regenerate the other 4 kages and die. Mortal wounds cannot be healed by normal medical jutsu, so even if some medical ninja were there they could not save Gaara and the others. So i think this time Tsunade's decision is obvious, it's a hokage's job to sacrifice himself for the village or in this case for the alliance. 4 lives in exchange for 1 seems a good deal for the alliance, and half of them are younger than Tsunade. Despite i don't like the idea of Tsunade having to die i must admit it's the logical thing to do. Kishimoto doesn't kill off characters for nothing, so her heroic death will most likely have a great impact.
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