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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
So wishful thinking yet for some reason you said it wasn't.... Accept it, is it so hard to understand my god. It's not a good trait when you ignore common sense like that. Sure you don't like Medaka x Zenkichi and prefer Kumagawa and want it to happen, it's fine hoping it will happen but it's silly assuming it is and pretending it's a certainity when in fact it has a low chance.

You just come as delusional (yup I said it again) for thinking that way when the manga portrays the opposite. There is no great crime in this, highly unlikely things have happened in manga but you have to at least admit it's unlikely, given the evidence.

I don't even give a shit about pairings in general in this manga but it annoys me ridiculous when someone paints they're pairing of preferrence as certain fact when it really isn't. It just boggles my common sense. Why do they have to do mental loops to validate they're belief just accept it as what it is and move on.

I'm sorry if I'm banging my common sense over your head, but i like logic and common sense, it baffles me when someone chooses to ignore it.
Just so it ends up said, I'm going to say it. Regardless of what either of you, or any other shippers think, the decision on who Medaka, Zenkichi and the rest of the cast end up with is all up to Nisio and his editor. Regardless of what either of you say, it only really amounts to you speculating, again, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, in and of itself anyway, just that you should keep the fact that this manga is all in Nisio &/or his Editor's hands in mind(if you didn't already) when you post since at the rate the manga is going, lots of things are very possible. Hell, Shiranui X Zenkichi isn't even out of the running.
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