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I have quite a few kits on hand but their getting up there in age. I started the whole gunpla thing in 06. I have mostly MG kits. Turn A, AEUG MKII, Strike Freedom FB, Hi Nu, Unicorn, Sinanju, etc, I even have PG Strike Freedom, 00, Strike Rouge and Strike. Their just sitting in a closet waiting to get finalized. I'm even thinking about selling a few since their still waiting in my closet.

I'm having a DIY toy thing at my house and it might be a good opportunity to pick gunpla back up. I kind of want a good build to do when my guests are over but I don't want to start back up with one of my PG kits. I want to stay away from the HG kits vs an MG kit for the previous reasons. I thought one of the new releases like Sinanju Stein or Nu ver. ka might get me back into it.
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