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Originally Posted by rageous View Post
I have quite a few kits on hand but their getting up there in age. I started the whole gunpla thing in 06. I have mostly MG kits. Turn A, AEUG MKII, Strike Freedom FB, Hi Nu, Unicorn, Sinanju, etc, I even have PG Strike Freedom, 00, Strike Rouge and Strike. Their just sitting in a closet waiting to get finalized. I'm even thinking about selling a few since their still waiting in my closet.

I'm having a DIY toy thing at my house and it might be a good opportunity to pick gunpla back up. I kind of want a good build to do when my guests are over but I don't want to start back up with one of my PG kits. I want to stay away from the HG kits vs an MG kit for the previous reasons. I thought one of the new releases like Sinanju Stein or Nu ver. ka might get me back into it.
Depends how good you were at it before, you really won't lose too much of what you learned and just getting used to it again should come easy.
Simply picking any model that you like is what I'd say, no point getting something just to test the water especially with a MG unless you have the money and time to blow on it.
Otherwise go for whatever one you like between the Stein and Nu, it's not really hard to make em anyway.
My first gunpla was Sinanju, tricky but not hard.
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