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Originally Posted by suiton629 View Post
I buy like that to prevent myself from going crazy and buying too many kits. I think it's good to set limits and goals so you don't end up spending too much money. I mean this is only a hobby and hobbies are meant to last a few years.

But alas... You have your way of buying certain models and in some regard you too have rules which in your case is to buy whatever.

I'm just saying you need to set goals.
I’m not talking about all rules. I’m talking about your rule of “buying whatever the main character pilot” which actually a pain to me personally. For example, given I applied your rules for AGE, then I should also buy MG Titus and MG AGE-2 Normal which I don’t like at all. That will be really painful to throw your money for something you don’t like. So, once again, I’m glad that that I don’t apply your rule of “buying whatever the main character pilot”. So, my preference is also a form of “limitation” from going crazy and also a “goal” by itself.
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