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Close Combat

The second half for season two doesn't hold out delivering and angst dog fight full of suspense and vibrating emotions. As they say, music tells the story, and Sawano-sensei score accomplished a wonderful at transmitting the epicness of the showdown between the Attack titan and the Armored titan.

But, how would I wish sweet retribution enacted on the two traitors, but the results became too good to be true as the Attack titan deadlocked the Armored titan to struggle for the upper hand.

Eren's the hotheaded type that learns through trial and error.

Funny thing was that precisely from reminiscing about the past with Annie lied what he learned from her and put the theory to practice in order to subdue the Armored titan.

The bad news was that for this bout Eren got too much full of himself believing that he got Reiner under the wraps forgetting entirely about Berthold's Colossal titan literally falling down on them at the episode's closing like fire brimstone raining down from the skies.
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