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Originally Posted by TwilightHack View Post
You're just being pessimistic silly. That way if your disappointed moment does happen, you'll be "oh well."

Have faith in Kawamori and Sheryl's power over the fans!
I must admit though that I H-A-T-E being left on a cliffhanger at the end of an episode.

In sports terms, I was hoping this episode to be a late stunning go-ahead goal for Sheryl fans meaning at the same time that Ranka fans would be completely stunned right now with almost no hope of seeing their character win Alto's affections by any means. All I wished was the story to be in a position in which we're about to put the final nail to the coffin of any Alto x Ranka possibility. BUT with Sheryl's health getting worse, we still can't close it yet... and that is pissing me off.

This being said, can Alto (or anybody for truth's sake) ever say directly that Ranka won't ever count to the love equation anymore?
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