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Originally Posted by crisis View Post
I think it's time to stop being so dependent on the "Surprise Ending" remark by Kawamori, which is what all your previous arguments are dependent on. I am very welcome to this surprise ending Kawamori is talking about, but I'm sure he can tell the difference between a surprise ending and an inconsistent ending. As musouka has put it eloquently, the stage has been set for an Alto x Sheryl ending, and no matter how much violent or shaky the journey is, it will not change the final destination point the series has been leaning towards. Of course, there is always a chance Alto x Ranka could happen, and I'm sure most, if not all, would call it cheap and inconsistent ending. But I've seen a sufficient number of Kawamori's works to have enough faith in this man for him to see what he's doing and manage his hold on the series firmly and neatly.
OK forget about the surprise then.
When you are seeing things as they are since yesterday's episode, HOW Alto who find out about sheryl who is dying can end up with her now that no one know if he really did have feelings for her ?
This is wrong.... they know people are going to say he choose her because of her illness so why did they make that scenario ?

Originally Posted by TwilightHack View Post
That was a pretty uncalled for retort.

I'd like to point out to you that you're riding on a pretty fine line there. In fact, my respect for you and your arguments has gone down a notch.

Keep to discussion rather than making personal attacks.

This could already be seen as a choice. Things will escalate from here.
Well for one, I don't know why you tell me about respect since I didn't do anything wrong. I even said " no offense". If she is offended well, that's not my problem since it wasn't my intention.

Where did i make personal attack ? People like too much give speech and made a big deal of nothing here....

Her post seems paradoxal for me, she says one thing and 1 hour after says another... I'm asking question that's all.
I just wanted honestly if i was speaking to a 14 years old girl or more that's all. she didn't respond me and I didn't care since it wasn't personal.
Looks like each time she quotes me her post are just not making sense for me. I asked her about that one time and she didn't wanted to respond :

This could already be seen as a choice
, indeed.

you like that much to being the white knight or what ?

This is really a paradox . Where were you when your friend were saying i was a successor, street fight 2, yawned in quoting me ?????

You're right, you should focus on the discussion instead .
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