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The lyrics to the Koko theme song never fitted better

her plan for world peace is just beyond ridiculous, how on earth is limiting technology going to solve all the conflicts driven by territory, race or religion /facepalm
I don't think people understand what Jormungand means. The guy from the CIA from the previous episode understood it better. Like he put it with a quantum computer that can process information and make calculations that supercomputers take thousands of years to make, security and encryption means nothing. The only safe computer or electronic device is a stand alone one. It isn't about limiting technlogy that will bring "peace". Like other people said, dropping planes and stuff is just a show of power. In this technology age, getting all the information and controlling this information, that's the goal. That's why they needed Rabbit Foot. If they can control the flow of goods with Hek-GG and control the flow of information with their quantum computer they can decide who wins a conflict before it even starts. Although small scale and minor conflicts might spark here and there, any major one is under their capabilities to manipulate.

So one megalomaniacal arms dealer has a quantum computer that can hack into any network. Are all the goverments in the world gonna make people stop using the internet, stop using land phones and cellphones? Are people trying to make massive uprisings or wars gonna go back to use smoke signals and secret reunions in basements?

In the real world this might sound absurd and flawed, but we're watching an anime with a ficticious story with some underlaying critic undertones about our world and war.

Another thing is all this discussion about Night Nine being late an all. But you've all been missing the reason. If you watched the end of the previous episode and the prologue of this one the NSA and CIA have very different agendas for Koko and HCLI. Whereas Palme from the NSA wanted to stop them. Bookman wanted a piece of the pie named Jormungand. In the prologue you can see that Fatman was using his contacts in the goverment to screw with Palme or delay Night Nine. It's like Bookman is really trying to play with fire by letting Koko get Rabbit Foot and see the potential of Jormungand. All pointing that because of his hubris it's all gonna bite him back.

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