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Originally Posted by Psieye View Post
Ahaha, that would depend on what kind of loyalist they are ^^ Many ought to be happy with this - it's not going to try and imitate the Manga so we can keep them as separate entities. The original series was trying to somewhat stick to the Manga and did so really poorly (the only 'inspired change' was Ep 19 w/ Sayo's backstory which was neat).
Of course, that was due to the fact that the original series completely ignored the fantasy aspect (which was the main backbone of the show) and instead only focused on the "harem aspect".

Sure there's 3 solutions to an anime adaptation (follow manga exactly, completely deviate, follow manga loosely with inspired alterations to keep things fresh) but quality and competency is most important beyond what they decide to have as a plot structure.
When it comes to any changes made to the new series, I won't mind them just as long as SHAFT acknowledges

BTW, keep up with the pictures, Maids. I would definitely like to see some more unique Negima that I haven't sene on Mahora Academy or AQS yet.
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