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Originally Posted by Hari Michiru View Post
Do souls remember their past lives when they go into Soul Society?
There is one important thing in the plot of Bleach that is getting more confusing after each episode...

The theory of the souls of the living going to either the soul society or hell.... that was the most interesting thing in this series and i've been waiting for more details on that but it seems that after the first arc, none of that was explained anymore and now the Soul Society is looking more and more like the real world... there are even "bad" ppl in it while at first it was supposed that only "good" ppl were sent to the soul society, and there are lots and lots of other unclear issues....

So basically if ur borned with some above normal spirit energy, then die and go to the soul society... after that you go to a shop, buy yourself a nice body and a zanpactou and go back to earth and ur basically an inmortal with a kick as sword. An example would be Ichigo's father...

I remember Rukia comparing the relationship between the SS and the living world as a sand clock.... so that means when u die in the soul society you will end up as a baby in the real world? If so then we could say that u dont actually "die" until u went to the soul society and get killed?

There is so much material in Bleach to be explained and so much potential to be a really good anime but instead all we see are stupid DBZ fights....

Originally Posted by Sakome View Post
I usually stay away from these kind of shows, endless shonen adventure with 100's of episodes and endless plot. Though one day I saw a few fights and they looked really cool. Ichigo seems like a likeable protagonist and powerful. Naruto is way too kiddish and DBZ is well just dumb to me.

I was wondering though, where should I start to see if I like this show or not? Do I need to start at the VERY beginning of the anime or should I only read the manga?
The first arc is the best one of all.... after that things starts to making less sense and you will be stuck with meaningless fights and a poor story. You will get the "Naruto filler episodes" feelings >.<
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