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You know, I'm sure this had been brought up before, but I got to thinking lately, and the only conclusion I can really come to about Umineko, after everything's said and done is that the the true culprit of the Rokkenjima Incident is Kinzo.

After all, wasn't he the one that made all of this possible in the first place?
One may as well blame the United States for giving Kinzo the opportunity to buy the island. Then we have to blame Imperial Japan for attacking the United States. Then we have to blame British and Russian imperialism for driving Japan into aggressive imperialism to counteract western influences in Asia. And so on and so forth to the beginning of time.

The person "responsible" is the person that actually caused the deaths, however that happened to play out. Nobody else.

Imagine for a moment that the gold didn't exist, the bomb didn't exist, none of that stuff about Kinzo was true. But he does have a gun collection. Now imagine somebody gets one of his guns and kills everybody. Is it "Kinzo's fault" that the deaths occurred, because he owned the gun that was used to cause them? Certainly, but for the gun being there everybody wouldn't have been shot, but there's no telling what other weapon the killer might've used if he or she couldn't get a gun.

If Kinzo premeditated the inevitable circumstances that led to people killing, sure, we can point the finger at him. That's putting a lot of responsibility on a seemingly dead man, though.
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