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Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
We don't know he did that at all. He calls his commander insane for thinking about that. I don't think we'll get an answer either.
Read the 'tearing out the guts' scene again. Stealing the gold was Kinzo's idea.

Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
And if he can lie under it what's the point of introducing it? That makes it pretty useless.
Spectator's Authority seems to force the subject to reveal what it THINKS is true. Kinzo is eighty years old and has deluded himself into thinking he's better than he is.

Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Is it "Kinzo's fault" that the deaths occurred, because he owned the gun that was used to cause them?
No, but it IS Kinzo's fault that the island exploded, and it IS Kinzo's fault that there was a reason to shoot anyone in the first place.

Hell, it's Kinzo's fault that his children are the kind of people who would shoot another person anyway.

See what I mean?
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