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I'm just here because someone brought up the red guts scene:

I totally call bullshit on it's validity. Note that it's being cut out of Clair's guts, and she passed on without regrets after Will understood the truth, but he never questioned the validity of Kinzo's story.

Now, excluding the Army Gold scene for a second, what do the rest of the scenes have in common?

They are memories of "Beatrice." BAD ones. If we're going to say that Kinzo's story is deluding himself into a good light despite Spectating Authority, then I propose that Clair, WHO HAS CONSISTENTLY PORTRAYED KINZO NEGATIVELY SINCE THE FIRST EPISODE, is projecting her own emotional judgements and perspective onto her memories.

The emo git is playing up the melodrama. She's not lying though; she honestly believes it.
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