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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
You are undersizing Kinzo's responsibility here.
I think Renall's just talking about things from a legal stand point. Specifically criminal culpability or civil liability.

You're talking about whether he's morally or ethically responsible, right? I don't think anyone would disagree that he was those two and is technically to share some of the blame. And also, possibly negligent and/or naive...

... wouldn't put it past Kinzo. *cough*

Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
I'm just here because someone brought up the red guts scene:

I totally call bullshit on it's validity. Note that it's being cut out of Clair's guts, and she passed on without regrets after Will understood the truth, but he never questioned the validity of Kinzo's story.
That's an interesting take on Claire/Yasu's feelings. In other words, she probably has her own biased take on the events too.

As an aside to Judoh's question, about what use the Spectator's Authority was if it could be subverted by bias so easily... I thought that this was the final point of EP7. Basically, you were trolled into think that Spectator's Authority was... um... 'authoritative.' But the red guts scene ended up showing you that, (if we take what Aura said about Clair/Yasu's take on it all), hey, here's an alternate view to just mess you up! Nelson: "Haha." Basically, Spectator's Authority is the highest authority and it too is subverted in the end... so... how can anyone reach the truth?

Maybe because I ended up reading the Tea Party so close to starting EP8 but it ended up weighing very heavily while I read through the last episode.
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