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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
That's the problem right there.

If 4 years of studying history isn't going to get you a job, 6 years (or worse 8 years for you PhDers out there...) isn't going to make any difference.

"Hopefully" is a pretty shaky foundation to build a career on. That said, I'll do something for 2 weeks to "hopefully" get a job out of it, but not 2 years.

If you think it's going to be any easier with a few extra letters after your name, you're wrong. There's a lot of "John Doe BA MA PhD"s flipping burgers right now to prove that.
Well I am not going to study history for 2 or 4 more years, I already talked to one of my professor about this. Going to graduate school for history is not easy to get scholarships nor do I see a great future with it. What I am planning is security studies. And really nothing in life is guaranteed so I can't really say "I will get a job", all I can say is hopefully.
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