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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
The CIA pays you that much? No wonder why Ames and Hansen flipped.

Granted, there is something wrong out there. I am a Dip Management and I earn more than my sis, who is a BSBME. Even excluding my 2nd job I earn 18% less, put in my 2nd job (once/twice per week) and I earn 20% more.

Engineers are being treated as a commodity when they are rare. And those "engineers" (cheap labour given basic rudimentary training then tasked with structural analysis and troubleshoot) are creating the illusion of saturated markets; maybe it is time we start paying HR graduates less?
Well, that's roughly what my son who is also a BSEE started with this year after graduating ($55-$65K in 2012 dollars), so the salaries have pretty much stayed the same allowing for inflation.
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