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Originally Posted by frivolity View Post
Yes, but neither had Sorata really showed that sort of affection for Shiina up until this point. The interactions he had with Shiina were similar to the ones he had with Nanami, notwithstanding a few immaterial differences due to various quirks. And as I've mentioned earlier, Jin and Misaki have shown stronger romantic interactions than Sorata and Shiina have.

In any case, my post was directed more towards mayid's condescending tone towards Nanami supporters. My argument is that justifications do exist for a Nanami end as well, and that it is reasonable for others to have seen things differently even though the author decided to go for a Shiina end.
I was happy with both girls ending, except I never really did think at any point that Nanami had a chance. I love her work hard attitude. At so many points in the anime, I wanted to just hug her and say, "it's ok". However, if I had to choose between who I feel more protective towards, it would be Mashiro. She brings out the "I want to do things for her" more than Nanami does. Nanami is the more "I want hold her when she is down to support her". Who would push me to be the better person? As Sorata said, Mashiro pushed him to become better.

Back to the Sorata, Mashiro, and Nanami versus Jin and Misaki. Sorata and Mashiro just started, so it is believable that it will take time for their feelings to develop. Sorata and Nanami had 2 years to develop, but Sorata did not show any thought of it. Jin has always thought of Misaki. Misaki has always thought of Jin. In fact, Misaki has been showing her feelings for Jin for quite some time, so friendzone was very unlikely.

Would it have been possible for Sorata and Nanami to get together? Yes, if Mashiro never showed up and Nanami confessed earlier. However, those 2 things combined not happening ended things the way they are right now.
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