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There is always a way for the author to have Nanami go back in the game. One approach would be to have some sort of crisis where Mashiro returns back to England and she cannot go back to Japan. At that point, Sorata will have to move on, which will eventually lead an opening for Nanami to move in.

As far as virtually impossible, it is really hard for the story to ever get to a point where it is virtually impossible for this type of genre. Even in real life, when people are friendzoned, it is still possible to go into romance under the right circumstances.

As far as looking at the overall view of the story, it would have seem that the initial episode already had Mashiro marked as the end girl; however, to prove that it is virtually impossible to end with Nanami cannot happen until the story ends and Sorata marries someone (even then, they could expand the story with Sorata getting divorced and ending up with Nanami).
Yes, in fact that is what happened with Ichigo 100%. The mangaka intended for the main girl, Toujou, to be the end girl, but the story was much more popular than she expected. In order to extend the story a little longer, the mangaka ended up doing a complete reversal such that one of the other girls was in the lead when it was time to end the story, thus winning at the end.

This happens in manga and light novels due to the impact of commercial factors that sometimes influence the story. Even a popular Western novel like Harry Potter was also affected by commercial considerations, since the author mentioned in an interview that she decided to spare a character from death due to his popularity.

The way I see it, that's simply the nature of the rom-com genre. There can only be one particularly ending, be it with a single girl or multiple, but a number of endings are generally plausible before that. For this reason, I don't view such stories as having one set route. If I'm right in my predictions, then great, but I acknowledge that the people who predicted the other girls had valid reasons for doing so and that they could very well have been right had the author decided so, or if the story ended at a different point than intended like with Ichigo 100%.
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