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Thanks a toin, Maids. I'll take good care of her. In the worst case scenario her and Dark Nanoha will fight a never-ending yet glorious battle.

I think being an undine would be good for her. She always seems so bored but if she can learn to enjoy the natural beauty of Neo Venezia then maybe she'll take life a little less seriously.

Heck, with the name Ai it even fits the naming scheme

I can just see it now. Athena gets promoted and gets a different room (well, that's another story all together) so Alice ends up sharing a room with the new recruit. She reminds Alice so much of her prior self. So Alice makes it her mission to bring a smile to the new recruit's face.

Alice: Ai. These are my friends. Aika, Athene, Akira, Akari and Alicia. We're going to teach you how to be a great undine.
All: Pleased to meet you.
Ai: I am Enma Ai. I will ferry your hatred to hell.
Alicia: My my my.
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